Use Of Euphemism In 'Mccandless Nutcase'

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“He wasn’t a nutcase” (85). Why does Krakauer use this euphemism? Krakauer uses this euphemis because he believes that McCandless wasn’t insane, he was clever just the way he is. He follows what he wanted to be and what he wanted to become, he didn’t back just because people said he wasn’t like other people, who would have jobs and build a family. “He wasn’t incompetent...And, he wasn’t a nutcase, he wasn’t a sociopath, he wasn’t an outcast” (85). Why does Krakauer repeat the structure of he wasn’t (parallelism) Krakauer tries to identify that McCandless is brave enough to make the choice that he made. He’s explaining that McCandless wasn’t a crazy person who runs off into the wild and do unintelligent things. But he ran off to and live
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