Utilization Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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As one of the most involute creatures on this Earth, God put us at the helm of his creation. We as humans are the only mammals that can genuinely control our society, thoughts and ideas. As humans our greatest drive is prosperity and jubilance which has lead us from the commencement of history to some of our greatest inventions and creations. Throughout history we have seen that all great societies have their rising and collapse. Whether it is due to dictatorship, economical collapse or inflation or gregarious and religious issues. But what we do not realize that our society's greatest downfall might be our extortionate utilization of technology and addiction to it. In Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451, He engenders a dystopian society where …show more content…

There is not a day where we are not on a device. In Fahrenheit 451 we see the effect of technology negatively through Mildred. Throughout the book Mildred often verbalizes to Montag of installing a fourth television. This shows us Mildred addiction to technology and her lack and drive for knowledge when Montag endeavors to find what he feels was deprived through books. Throughout the book we see Mildred only interacting with the screen on television where she has created a false reality. In Fahrenheit 451 we see that technology is used as not only an entertainment but a distraction through the interaction of the television. This shows us that due to technology our social and verbal interactions with one another has slowly demolished. Mildred refused to help Montag discover the meanings behind the books this shows how the television has brainwashed her and because of her addiction. With no outside interactions in her life other than Montag she has no except the people in her false reality not even friends. We see her hollow life even when Montag asks her about how they met she doesn’t even know. Because of her hollow life Mildred tries to commit suicide. Even though she claims to be happy we can see that she is because her suicides. We see another form of technology when Mildred has to be rescued by what is described as “black cobra” A machine that brings her back to life.. Even the false reality and television can’t replace the curiosity of life and personal experiences and interactions with each other that we have with each

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