Theme Of Family In Fahrenheit 451

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Do you think living in a world surrounded by technology would destroy you? Throughout Fahrenheit you learn that the gift of electronics is valued more than the gift of being surrounded by family. However people in our world would rather spend time with family than on electronics. Although the society in the novel Fahrenheit 451 is so dramatically controlled by the government and technology, there are also parallels that can be drawn between that dystopian society and contemporary society. Throughout Fahrenheit 451, it is evident that many characters do not appreciate the importance of family however in our society family is very significant to many people. There are numerous examples of parents not appreciating their spouses or their children. For example, in Fahrenheit it states, “I plunk the children in school nine days out of ten. I put up with them when they come home three days a month,”(Bradbury 93). The characters in the dystopian society are so controlled by television that they would rather watch TV than enjoy time with their children. The role of families in Fahrenheit 451 are very different due to the limited and distracted interaction family members have with each other. There are glimpses of characters starting to realize that their relationships are hollow, but none of the characters act upon it. As an example, “And suddenly she was so strange he couldn’t believe he knew her at all... bedding with a stranger,”(Bradbury 40). The role of family and the
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