Why Are Vaccinations Important

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Vaccinations are Important In two-thousand twelve the number of people with mumps was two hundred twenty-nine cases across the nation, in two-thousand seventeen the number of people with mumps rose to five thousand three hundred eleven cases nationwide. (“Vaccines Still Best for Children”) Vaccinations are used to prevent diseases that could potentially be given. Vaccinations are used in hope that immunity to diseases is given. Vaccinations started around seventeen ninety-six when Edward Jenner used it to create an immunity to smallpox. Vaccinations have been used since Edward Jenner’s discovery. (“This History of Vaccines”) Vaccinations are important. Vaccinations are critical in not only one’s health, but the health of the people around …show more content…

Sometimes babies are not able to get a certain vaccination because they are not old enough for it yet.(“Get the Shots, Protect All”) Babies also have weaker immune systems than adults do. If one doesn’t get their vaccination they could potentially get that baby sick. Due to the fact that babies have a weaker immune system, their bodies may not be able to fight off the disease like adult’s bodies can. Babies aren’t the only ones at risk getting seriously sick from someone not getting a vaccination, but people with certain allergies are also at risk. Due to the fact that people have certain allergies, they are unable to receive certain vaccinations. Sometimes people have a health problem that prevents them from receiving a vaccination. Now that this person is not able to receive their vaccination, they are at risk of contracting the disease from the person who is unvaccinated. Is it worth getting people who aren’t able to get vaccinated …show more content…

Many people claim that getting vaccinations causes autism (Foxhall 81). Children who usually have autism are diagnosed soon after they receive the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. This creates the idea that autism is caused by the MMR vaccination. Why is this untrue? Well, a man that goes by Andrew Wakefield came up with this idea that vaccinations cause autism (“Do Vaccines Cause Autism?”). After he published “proof” that this was true, studies were done and in fact he was proven wrong. Later it was shown that he was paid by attorneys that were looking to file lawsuits again vaccine manufacturers (“Do Vaccines Cause Autism?”). Wakefield’s license was later revoked. Not only was the person who came but with this wrong, but autism just simply isn’t caused by vaccinations. Autism happens and can be caused by many things. Some of the things that may cause autism are: pregnancy complications, an older parent, or if pregnancies are less than a year apart (“What Causes Autism?”) Some of these things can happen and autism might not happened these are just what give children and increased risk. Over the past twenty years a lot of research has been done on if vaccinations cause autism and there is just no link between the two. Vaccinations do not cause

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