Velvet Bud Research Paper

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Velvet Bud Cannabis Strain Velvet Bud cannabis strain has rich purple undertones and bright orange hairs that are completely coated in tiny light blue crystal trichomes that are soft and sticky to the touch. Velvet Bud has a sweet citrus flavor with a smooth earthy berry exhale. The smell is very much the same, with an herbal citrus aroma that’s accented by earthiness and sweet berry. Type of High Velvet Bud has a smooth long-lasting high, rich full-bodied effects, and dreamy trichome-covered nugs. The Velvet Bud high is just as smooth as its glittering appearance, with an energetic onset that leaves you feeling euphoric and completely free of any mental pains. Velvet Bud is good at treating conditions such as depression, chronic stress or

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