Victor In This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix Arizona

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The character Victor from the story “This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona” has dealt with many turbulent situations in his life. First he loses his job at the BIA at the same time he finds out that his estranged father dies unexpectedly from a heart attack. Even though Victor has not seen his father in years the pain of his death was as real as being stung by a hive of wasps. Victor realized that even though this was a difficult time he had to be brave and go to Phoenix, Arizona to collect his father's remains. Money was tight so Victor had to get money from the Tribal Council to pay for his trip. Since the Tribal Council was having money problems themselves, it wasn’t enough money so he accepted help from an old friend Thomas. He offered to help with …show more content…

But he remembers to be brave like the warrior he always wanted to be. He remembers a story Thomas had told him about two Indian warrior boys. “There were two Indian boys who wanted to be warriors… They parked the stolen car right in front of the police station… All of their friends cheered, you were very brave.” Victor always wanted to be like a warrior. Another example of Victor being brave is when he first found out that his father died. “Victor hadn’t seen his father in a few years, only talked to him on the telephone once or twice, there was still a genetic pain, which was soon to be as real as a broken bone.” Victor had to push through that pain that he felt and find a way to get to Arizona to get his father’s remains. Also when Victor got his foot caught in an underground wasp nest. “He stepped in an underground wasp nest... No matter how hard he struggled, Victor couldn’t pull free. He might have died right there, stung a thousand times, if Thomas Builds-The-Fire had not come along.” He didn’t freak out when the wasp nest got stuck on his foot. Ultimately, Victor dealt with all the bad situations that got put in his

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