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Samay Patel Period 1 9/15/14 Roll # 13 Summer Reading Assignment Essay: Blame and Responsibility of Influencer and Enforcer Everyone in the world has a role model. A role model can be a celebrity, an athlete, parents, siblings, or even a friend. A role model is a person that is idolizes and looks up to. It is a person who can deeply influence one’s life and the actions they perform. When someone influences another to do something, the following actions partly becomes their responsibility. In the novel, The Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who studies chemistry and alchemy. Victor figures out the answer to an ageless mystery: “how to create life?” Victor creates a creature but is horrified by its grotesque appearance. Victor decides to abandon the creature, that’s when all the tragedies start happening for Victor. Victor deserves blame for the monster’s actions. In The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Dorian Gray is a handsome, young male who chooses the wrong path in life involving the good and evil. Lord Henry very deeply influences Dorian Gray into this choice. In The Frankenstein, Victor, the influencer, deserves most of the blame and responsibility for the monster’s actions but in The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian, the enforcer deserves most of the blame and …show more content…

Victor is the creator of the monster but abandons the monster due to its unappealing appearance. Victor, himself knows that all of the monster’s killings are his fault. Victor tends to become ill every time something substandard happens. Victor also feels guilty for the killing. These are signs from Victor’s mind telling him to take responsibility for the monster’s actions. As a human, Victor has a conscience which makes him feel guilty for the deaths of the people close to him. The guilt is caused by keeping the secret of his creation of the monster. Victor is responsible for

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