Who Is Victor's Responsibility In Frankenstein

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Parenthood is in the eyes of many a lifelong goal; however, this goal brings great responsibilities for all those who strive to achieve it, and out of all the responsibilities for is given if they achieve this goal, teaching the sought after child in the world’s ways is one of the most important, but some parents cannot or will not do this for their child, which leads can the child on a destructive path. A great literary case of this situation is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, in which not only does the main character Victor Frankenstein neglects his creation; he also does not take responsibility for the actions his creation over the course of the novel. Victor possesses total responsibility for his creation and is culpable of his creation’s crimes because of his …show more content…

In either case, the perpetrator goes free while a possible accused suspect is given the credit and their just reward for the action. This is the situation for Victor’s creation and Victor because Victor, directly and indirectly, caused the death of two people close to him due to his creation’s actions; this event would not have happened had Victor actually taken responsibility in raising his creation. Of all the actions that could have been prevented, the murder of William Frankenstein and the unjust persecution of Justine are the most heinous out of the assortment. Even Victor himself acknowledges the fact that he is culpable for the previously mentioned injustices when he thinks to himself , “I, the true murderer, felt the never-dying worm alive in my bosom...”(70). While Victor does acknowledge his grievous error, he does nothing to correct said error proving that he is too cowardly to own up his mistakes, such as his mistake in making his creation or being able to stomach the thought of taking care and teaching his

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