Violent And Obscene Literature

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Literature – censorship and banning and Effects of reading “violent” or “obscene” literature During adolescent years, the human mind is susceptible to becoming highly influenced by the knowledge that it acquires and therefore it is quite reasonable that what information it receives is controlled. However, once at reaching maturity in the adult phase, a person can successfully determine for themselves whether to read something and implement it in their life or not. Themes and controversial material – explicit portrayal of violence/sexual themes The dystopian tale of ultra-violence A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess caused the author much discontent as out of the more than fifty works he published during his lifetime, it was the book that achieved the most fame and critical acclaim. His main fear was that he would be remembered as the source of the cult film ‘Clockwork Orange’ by Stanley Kubrick. The title of the book came from the Cockney expression ‘as queer as a clockwork orange’ which meant ‘very queer indeed’. The phrase could be interpreted in a sexual manner but it wasn’t always so. Burgess first thought of the title and found a vast potential in it even before he had visualised the plot or the story. The author has often been criticised for writing violent scenes in the novel due to the popularity of the cinematic adaptation by Kubrick and thus he wrote in the year 1972 – “It was certainly no pleasure to me to describe acts of violence when writing the novel.”
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