Volcano Erruption Short Story

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Volcano Eruption It was a nice sunny day at Los Angeles, the temperature was an average twenty one degrees. Families were having picnics, children were bouncing basketballs, and a chattering sound could be heard. “Pass the ball, David,” said Kenzie. “First you have to get the basketball,” said David as he laughed. “Come on your just not passing to me because I’m bad at basketball,” exclaimed Kenzie. “Boys come inside its lunchtime,” said David and Kenzie’s mom. “Coming, mom,” said the boys in unison. The boys went inside to find lasagna, beef burger, salsa, 7-up drinks, and chicken strips. “Mom, your the best,” cried out Kenzie. “Made all the food except the 7-up drinks,” said Mom. “Now let’s dig into the food,” said Kenzie excitedly. “YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!,” yelled David. “Mmm the burger tastes like heaven,” said Kenzie. “Mmm the lasagna is so good that I would faint,” sighed David. “Do you want to watch some television, boys,“ said Mom. “Yes,” said the boys in unison. Mom turned on the television and went on Monday’s disaster news channel. “Recently, there was an earthquake in downtown, L.A. .Some houses were destroyed by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. There may be a small chance but very unlikely that magma might come out of the cracks of what the earthquake made,” said the news reporter in a normal voice as possible. “News is always the downer,” sighed Kenzie. “Well that’s bad news because we are near to downtown and they said that there

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