Wal-Mart Women Case Study

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The six female workers who working in Wal-Mart were the largest ever in American civil rights history. This is a case accusing Wal-Mart stores regarding discriminating cases against US female workers. Two points that had been alleged here is that women employed in Wal-Mart stores according to the 2010 court of Appeals opinion states that women are paid less than men, besides that the other opinion is receive fewer and had to wait longer. Wal-Mart since December 26, 1998 which suffered from the sexual discrimination cases. If Wal-Mart loses the case, it would cost Wal-Mart company many billions of dollar since the female workers who worked in Wal-Mart Company had been estimated as many as 1.5 billion to 2 million.
Wal-Mart stores is the world's biggest retailer that owns more than 8400 stores and had over 2100000 employees worldwide. The law suit was launched in June 2001 that by six female Wal-Mart employees was the class action lawsuit that workers claiming the Wal-Mart company about the promotions, pay, management training and also job assignments. The six women asked for pay back and compensation for all 1.6 million female employees against who has discriminated . A statistical expect , …show more content…

Marc Bendick noted that the company had no trouble in promoting women in their management. 34.5 percent of in-store salaried managers were women while 56.5 percent of 20 comparable large were female salaried managers. The Wal-Mart would have about 4000 in-store female manager, 466 more in corporate headquarters female managers, about 150 for “blue-collar” nonstore establishments, 107 more in other nonstore establishment and about 100 in reporting

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