Walt Disney Children Pre 9/11 Analysis

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Annotated Bibliography Aladdin. Dir. Ron Clements and John Musker. Walt Disney Co, 2004. DVD. The famous Disney children 's movie is another example of a general public form of entertainment that included racist references. For example, the original introduction song to the movie referred to Arabic lands and people as barbaric. It was later changed after Arab Americans objected, but this does not change the fact that initially it would have given children a bad impression of Arabs. A children 's movie will support my point that the attitude of people in the West towards Arabs is shaped when they are very young, making it almost impossible to correct that image. Davis, Craig S. The Middle East for Dummies. Hoboken: Wiley Pub, …show more content…

DVD. This documentary goes through a great deal of evidence that shows how Arabs are portrayed only in negative light. Typically, the only image of Arabs seen in different forms of media is one that includes rich men, terrorists, or oppressed women. Some of the examples in this documentary, like Evening in Byzantium and Iron Eagle, are pre 9/11 movies that also depicted Arabs as terrorists back then. I will use the documentary itself as well as the examples in it to support my claim that Arabs are only represented negatively. Rouleau, Eric, and Edward W. Said. Information and Misinformation in Euro-Arab Relations. Leiden: Luftia Rabbani Foundation, 1988. Print. This book examines the reasoning behind some of the stereotypes regarding Arabs and how they have become so popular. It shows how only certain information is used when forming the image of Arabs while others are not taken into context. For example, the "barbaric" nature of Palestinians doesn 't take into context the fact that Palestine has been in war for a long time. I will use this book to show how half images are leading to damaging one-sided stories when in reality, the full image is something completely different. Salaita, Steven. Anti-arab Racism in the Usa: Where It Comes from and What It Means for Politics Today. London: Pluto Press,

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