Popular Media Stereotypes

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People are not born with their own opinions, rather their opinions are created and shaped through what they see and hear from sources that they consider trustworthy. This why most popular media mostly showcase ideas and opinions that the average person finds the most acceptable. When it comes to stereotypes, they originate from those in power who creates an overgeneralization that ends up repeated countless times that it eventually begins to be considered a fact. Authors such as David Brooks assert that women are better students than men and that men are more aggressive, an assertion I disagree with. Stereotypes dealing with gender like the one promoted by David Brooks and studied by other authors are created through the influence popular media has on society in order to manipulate people to think a certain way and create conflict. David Brooks’ assertion that women are better students than men is not only incorrect , but also exceedingly dangerous. Of course, any statement that attaches an offensive stereotype to half of the human population and is reinforced by the pervasive influence of the popular media can 't be a good thing. To back this claim, the author provides evidence such as, "[Girls] are less likely to be diagnosed with a learning disability" or "Kindergarten teachers rebport that girls are more attentive than boys and are more persistent at tasks". To be less likely to have a genetic disorder doesn 't turn you into a better student, nor does your personal

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