Walt Disney's Success

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In today’s world entrepreneurs are a very important resource for the success of an economy, contributing with new innovative ideas. An entrepreneur are dynamic individuals willing to take risks to produce something new and unique, but under all this confidence and success lays a very high cost which we as an audience fail to see. The whole process that an entrepreneur needs to go through to start a company and execute his idea is very complicated and fragile, starting a company is not as tranquil as it seems.
On the contrary the whole procedure can be very ruthless making the founders of the company pay a high value. An entrepreneur from the outside appears to be a fearless confident individual but under the layer of the success lays a person
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Walt Disney is one of such entrepreneurs; his wasn’t always this successful in fact his failures can be an inspiration for many entrepreneurs. During the initial stages of his business he was forced to close own his first animation company and was left at a point where he had not even enough money to pay his rent or buy food, he survived by eating dog food. He did not give up and kept pushing himself to survive; he faces man failures after that. His workers were bought out right under his nose, “ The three little pigs”, was rejected by the distributors, his ideas were criticized cruelly, he was told the idea of “Mickey mouse” would never work, he invested a great amount of money in his movie, “Pinocchio”, which also resulted as a great disaster, losing a million dollars in its first release. Like any other individual all the failures caused Walt severe depression, countless amounts of anger fits and anxiety. Today all the Disney characters are a great success and Walt Disney is amongst one of the most successful entrepreneurs, but to reach this point he had to secretly pay a very high…show more content…
The failures he suffered from not only lead to depression but also suicidal thoughts. Ben was so depressed after the failure of his company Radium that he did not leave his room for a week, he completely isolated his self from everyone and reached the point where death seemed like the only and the most appropriate solution to overcome his failure. Somehow, Ben overcame this big obstacle and didn’t completely let his mind and soul get corrupted with the depression of his failure and to get over his
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