Walter Mity: A Short Story

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Mitty walked into his home, after finishing his cigarette, to find his wife sitting at the kitchen table."Walter Mitty I told you to wait there! I walked out and you were no where to be found! Sometimes you can be such a ditz I swear how you get by everyday is a mystery to me." Mrs. Mitty scolded her husband. "All of this 'thinking' is getting very old. You spend more time thinking than a fat kid thinks about food " Mitty just grumbled an apology looking at his feet. When he finally did look up, the army general looked at him in shame. "Mitty you better get back out there if anyone can do this, it's you." Shocked to see the general, Mitty stood at attention for a brief second then marched back out onto the field. "Walter! Walter!" Mrs.

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