Waltzing Matilda Chapter 1 Summary

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Biography Chapter 2 : “Waltzing Matilda” It was July 19th; the departure day had finally arrived. Louis and Lindsey had officially accepted John’s invitation shortly after Louis and John’s phone conversation, and the two couples, plus Captain Mike, had put the finishing touches to their plan just days before. John and Ann were now sitting in the John F. Kennedy International Airport at Terminal 8, Concourse B, Gate 23. It was just the two of them because Mike and the Landreneau’s were both coming from different directions, and the small fishing party was going to meet in San Juan the next day. The Yarborough’s were very timely people, and if a dinner was planned for 7:00, arriving at 7:00 was late - 6:30 was on time. All events were planned around a strict time frame for the Yarborough’s, and a flight was no exception. In fact, they made sure to have much more than 30 minutes to spare in case …show more content…

John got to accompany this magnificent lady and play for her when she came to Tulane University as artist and residence. After the invitation, they began to look all over America, Australia, and some parts of Europe for a concert arrangement of “Waltzing Matilda”, but to no avail. In order to find a solution, John decided to turn to another esteemed musician, the chairman of the keyboard department at Tulane, Faina Lushtak. She was also a composer who had immigrated to America from Russia with her family. John took her a tape of Eileen Farrell singing “Waltzing Matilda”, from the soundtrack of Interrupted Melody, the story of Marjorie Lawrence’s life. She then took the theme from the movie and constructed a paraphrase, a concert paraphrase, on “Waltzing Matilda”. When John played it in Sydney two years later, the people in Australia loved it and the efforts they had put into making this piece payed

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