War Horse Poem Analysis

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It is tremendously hard to interpret the word and definition of war itself. “War is what happens when language fails” according to Margaret Atwood. It is an individual approach and very personal sense of understanding the general philosophy of this complex conflict between the school of thoughts, ideologies or other social problems, where people play the major role of those engaged ones and those who are affected by the burdens that the war may carry. People are exposed to their deepest fears and they struggle for bringing them their freedom and democracy back. Both War Horse and American Sniper pass timeless values. War Horse proves that the bravery can defeat any possible obstacles and weaknesses though in American Sniper soldiers are facing…show more content…
Albert, likewise Chris were strongly devoted to what they were actually doing during the war. In War Horse, there was a strong bond and love between this young brave boy and his horse Joey. Albert was truly devoted to him because Joey was actually his best friend and they could not imagine their life without themselves. No matter how many obstacles they came across, they were still trying to find the way out to see each other. Albert was the only one person that Joey trusted and could be devoted to. On the contrary, in American Sniper Chris Kyle totally devoted his life to protect his country. He was constantly exposing his life to the threat of death instead of having a truly loving…show more content…
Great friendship and war are two basic themes used in those movies. Deeply personal, not afraid of sentiments an emotional rollercoaster with a thrilling eyewitness account of a war that only one man could tell. Chris Kyle, Albert Narracott, and Joey proved to be extremely brave and courageous. Through the entire films, the main heroes fought for what they truly loved and cared about. Whether there were any obstacles in their path, they could have always seen the light in a tunnel and follow this direction. No matter how horrendous barriers they came across, they always found the way out to get back to their relatives. Free or slave, one or many, united or divided, they always knew that there is only one reasonable answer. Fighting for what their convictions were. Both movies are made with a superb artistry and with a magnificent maturity that makes them both a great pleasure and worthwhile experience for a very wide audience at any

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