War Wounds That Time Alone Can T Heal Analysis

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In Jane Brody’s alarming article, “War Wounds That Time Alone Can’t Heal” Brody describes the intense and devastating pain some soldiers go through on a daily basis. These soldiers come home from a tragic time during war or, have vivid memories of unimaginable sufferings they began to experience in the battle field. As a result these soldiers suffer from, “emotional agony and self-destructive aftermath of moral injury…” (Brody). Moral injury has caused much emotional and physical pain for men and women from the war. Soldiers feel that they are, “undeserving of happiness, perhaps even unfit to live.” (Brody). Moral injury is a powerful and extremely emotional disease. Veterans should not wake up every morning with a feeling of regret, unworthiness, …show more content…

Voss and Mr. Anderson, they experienced some of the same feelings other veterans have as well. They suffered long hard days where they felt regret, depression, and grief. Voss and Anderson decided to walk away from combat in order to, “help them heal from the combat experiences that haunt them and threaten to destroy their most valued relationships” (Brody). Ever since that day, these men are full of unrelenting pain and despair. Luckily, they were able to receive help from professionals and endure treatments. They were seen by, “counselors… including a Native American spiritual healer and a meditative technique called power breathing” (Brody). Both Voss and Anderson were able to seek help before their lives were in severe danger. The treatment for moral injury can take a lot of time. Victims of the disease have to learn to make amends with themselves in order to plan a future ahead. Soldiers that have killed someone or have watched someone else die (especially women and children) seem to have a more difficult time recovering. Veterans that struggle with loving themselves and aspiring hope for a life ahead have to feel love from the world around them. Victims must portray an attitude of love and self confidence in order to remove the facade they have put on for quite some time. Suicide has grown to become a large issue over the years especially in young teens. Some teens express the same feelings of regret, hate, and grief as these veterans do. It takes a

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