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Dr. Rebecca Williams writes on how zombies recently have risen up beside vampires and have “shuffled onto center stage”; zombies have become more common in various forms of media than ever before. Vampires for the longest time seemed to be more popular, attractive, and interesting; this comparison to zombies with their lack of knowledge, communications skills etc., made it seem unrealistic to be able to compare the two creatures accurately. Vampires were clearly more appealing in many ways, and zombies seemed to lack those interesting characteristics. Zombies represent boundary crossing, but in its own original form, which in a way makes it unique from any other monster. This characteristic makes zombies more dangerous and threatening. Other aspects are analyzed as Williams touches on the topic of zombies in Warm Bodies. The male lead is and attractive, hero of a zombie, which allows the viewer to reconsider previous perceptions of the stereotypical zombie. The viewer is given the chance to broaden their perspective on zombies by considering zombies as more humanlike, with feelings and relationships with other humans. A “sympathetic”…show more content…
Watching it this second time with the things I have been learning currently in my mind, allowed me to view it in a different perspective. I do agree with the article in saying that it almost humanizes the zombies and allows us to sympathize with them, considering that they are not the bad guy necessarily in this movie. I find it odd that society is attempting to reproduce the same success that vampire love stories have had; I will always have a hard time accepting that due to the fact that zombies are dead and eat brains. That seems more inhuman to me than any other creature. I enjoyed both the article and the movie because I was given the change to broaden my perceptions and analyze zombies in a more profound

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