Was Andrew Carnegie A Hero Or A Villain

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During the late 1800s, there were some very bad, powerful people. One of them was Andrew Carnegie, captain of the steel industry. Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish immigrant who came to America to seek a better life. He made his money in the steel industry after figuring out a way to manufacture it faster. Andrew Carnegie was a villain because he didn’t care about his workers, preached about world peace and then turned around and gave the U.S. Navy steel, and because his club tampered with a dam, killing thousands.
Carnegie didn’t get his money honestly sometimes, and didn’t care if the people didn’t like how he did things, because how he was doing things made him money. Carnegie didn’t treat his workers well, and docked their pay constantly, so he could turn around and donate libraries and money to paint himself as a philanthropist. To prove this, “he didn’t always follow the rules or treat people kindly”, meaning he would dock his workers pay, and have really dangerous working conditions just so he could make more money. This proves that Carnegie cared about making money more than anything else, but that also meant making lives harder for his workers. …show more content…

In the end, the workers were forced to go back to work and they were forced to take a pay cut.” Carnegie refused to give his workers a raise and improve their working conditions. This proves that Carnegie cared more about his reputation and keeping sales than his employees. He would kill some of them just so they would comply and go back to work. To prove this, there is a reason it was renamed the homestead massacre in replacement of the homestead

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