Was Charlemagne A Good Leader

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Charlemagne was a very religious, nonjudgmental king, whose name means “Charles the Great.” He was the king f the Franks, until he was crowned emperor. This emperor ruled areas including modern-day Italy and France. From 771 A.D. to 800 A.D., he ruled as a king. After being crowned emperor, he ruled until his death in 814. During his rein, he copied, collected, and preserved manuscripts, unified the government, expanded and improved his empire, was a great leader, and improved trade and education throughout the empire. Also, Charlemagne was a strong leader and a brave fighter. This great and wise leader had many characteristics that made him such a good leader. First of all, he was confident, energetic, and kind. Even though he was kind and confident, he was also brutal, strong and an excellent swordsman. He was a good and affectionate man to his daughters, but had no mercy for those who were his enemies. It has been known that …show more content…

First, he promoted roads, schools, and trade. Also, he beheaded four thousand five hundred people in one day, simply because they would not convert to Christianity. This shows that he would not tolerate any rebellion or disagreements. IT also shows how brutal he was. Once he had too much land, he created the system called feudalism. His actions show how wise he is and that he knows what kind of things he could do. To improve trade, he coined silver coins, improved food supply, established markets, and protected trade routes. He believed it would help improve the empire quickly. Inside his palace he created a school, brought in scholars, educated church officials, so they could teach others, and even let peasants be educated. Charlemagne emphasized education so much, because he wanted the future leaders to know something, educationally. Finally, he was named “Father of Europe” after unifying, conquering, and improving much of Western

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