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  • Charlemagne: King Of The Franks

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    Charlemagne was the king of the Franks from 768 AD to 814 AD and the emperor of the West between 800 AD and 814 AD. He was a key in the foundation of the Holy Roman empire and strengthened the western European economy. He spent most of his early years of his reign at war, and expanded his territory vastly across Europe. Charlemagne ruled over a large territory and was the main political figure for all of Western Europe. “This King, who showed himself so great in extending his empire and subduing

  • Annene Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Marie “Anne” Frank (June 12, 1929 to March 1945) was a world-famous German-born diarist and World War II Holocaust victim. Her work, The Diary of Anne Frank, has gone on to be read by millions. Fleeing Nazi persecution of Jews, the family moved to Amsterdam and later went into hiding for two years. During this time, Frank wrote about her experiences and wishes. She was 15 when the family was found and sent to concentration camps, where she died. Anne Frank in 1940 Photo Anne Frank at school, 1940

  • Annene Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Have you ever heard about Anne Frank also known as the Diary of Anne Frank? If you have not this would be a great way to learn about her and what happened to her at a young age of fifteen years old. Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12th, 1929. She died in February or March, 1945 they still are not sure if she died in February or March. Relatives they know about Otto Frank her father, Edith Hollander her mother, Margot Frank her sister, and Buddy Elias Anne’s cousin. When she was a young girl

  • Anne Frank Response To Conflict

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    of a young girl, a collection of encouraging letters, and an empowering speech that echoed around the globe, the best response to conflict is a positive attitude that can get people through hard times and influence you to work harder to help. Anne Frank is an interesting character. She was only thirteen when she and her family were forced into hiding to escape Nazi occupation. However, Anne was a positive thinker, and was able to live without the fear of most people because of it. Anne’s positive

  • Anne Frank: The Hard Life Of Anne Frank

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    > (-- removed HTML --) < Anne frank had a very hard life growing up, she also had a hard time getting education, but she was a smart student and loved school. She had many interesting things about her that we might not know by looking at her. I will explain a few things about Anne. Anne Frank was born on June 12 1929, she also had a sister named Margaret, she was older by three years. Anne was definitely a social person, always playing with neighbors. She had a very caring family with good people

  • Anne Frank: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    On June 12th, 1942, Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank received a diary from her parents. Little did they know that the diary would later become one of the most critical pieces of information in World War II. In the beginning of her diary, it was just like any other teenage girl’s diary. She led a normal life, worrying about what she’d wear tomorrow or what her friends are doing. Until her older sister, Margot was ordered to a concentration camp. Her father Otto had decided her family should go into hiding

  • Anne Frank Essay

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    Anne Frank Essay There are eight people hiding in the Amsterdam in a Secret Annex there is the Frank family, The Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel, The Franks went into hiding July 1942. The residents living in the Annex are Jews hiding from the Nazis. They are in there for 2 years before the Nazis find them and take them to a concentration camp The people that show sacrifice, courage, and compassion are Mr. Frank and Miep and Mr. Kraler. The way Meip and Mr. kraler show sacrifice is if they are found the

  • Anne Frank Struggles

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    Anne Frank was a young girl with hopes and dreams. She was fascinated by acting and writing and dreamed of becoming a famous actor or writer. Anne and her family lived in Frankfurt, Germany. Then in 1933 Anne and her family fled to Amsterdam to avoid the wrath of Adolf Hitler and the Germans. It was in Amsterdam that Anne grew up. On June 12, 1942, Anne received her diary given to her by her father Otto Frank. It was in this diary that Anne wrote about her family, her feelings, her hopes and dreams

  • Anne Frank Quotes

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    “In spite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart.” Anne Frank was only 15 years of age when she wrote this quote in her diary. During that time she was in hiding because the Nazi’s were after Jewish people. Her thoughts in her diary will continue to teach us about her feelings during that time, even though most of her family including her were found by the Nazis and killed in concentration camps. As a young girl, Anne cared for everybody and was always kind. Her courage and determination

  • Anne Frank Conflicts

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    Does conflict in the story of The Diary of Anne Frank expand the plot and character development? The Diary of Anne Frank is a drama written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. The play is about when during the holocaust, Anne Frank and her family had to go into hiding with other people and her going through different events throughout her journey. There is conflict in the story which escalates the plot and makes good character development throughout the story. For example, Anne had conflict with

  • Anne Frank Diary

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    Anne Frank Annelies Marie Frank, known as Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. Anne Frank lived with her mom Edith Frank, her dad Otto Frank, and her sister Margot Frank. They all moved to amsterdam during World War 2. Anne Frank went into hiding with her family on July 6. Van Pels later join them a week later. Then lastly Fritz Pfeffer joined all of them on November in 1942. The fled the Nazi persecutions of the Jews. The Franks and the seven others hid in the attic

  • Anne Frank Thesis

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    Anne Frank was a marvelous writer, especially for a young teenage girl. She was straightforward, bold and had a colossal powerful imagination. She wrote about the reality and what was going on in her life, however also wrote about her imagination. She said she could imagine herself out of reality into a better place just the way she wanted it. That is what made her continue on in life until she went to the concentration camp. Anne Frank’s story about the Holocaust is the most well know story out

  • Frank Abagnale's Life

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    directed by Steven Spielberg. The producers of this film focused on the main crime Frank Abagnale Jr. did, which was acted by Leonardo DiCaprio. The director of the film made the movie more focused on the real main crime Abagnale committed during the 1980s. Yet he still made it into a Hollywood movie to get the audience

  • Frank Mccourt Essay

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    The narrator Frank McCourt tells how is parents meet in Brooklyn. The introductory paragraphs of this book distinguish frank the child telling this story, from McCourt, the grown man looking back on his life with an informed perspective. Franks younger sister margaret dies and his mother angela falls into a depression. His childhood could be described as one of poverty and deprivation but filled with humor and adventure. McCourts wry humor undercuts the bleakness of his early years , as he jokes

  • Anne Frank Sparknotes

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    Introduction The book “Anne Frank: The Diary of Young Girl” is an autobiography by Anne Frank itself, a Jewish girl. In this diary, she writes about her deepest thoughts, feelings, how they hid to escape Hitler’s anti-Jewish laws and genocidal desires and how the war affected the lives of the nation. The story made by Anne Frank is summarized below. Summary Anne Frank’s story starts when she receives a diary from her parents on her thirteenth birthday. Excited like anyone who receives a gift

  • Anne Frank Challenges

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    In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank and the other people in the secret annexe had a rough life. Anne faced a tough challenge which was being stuck in a secret annexe and not seeing life outside. Another person that faced a challenge was Margot and it was that she was very insecure about herself. Anne responded to her challenge by saying that everything was going to be ok even with all of the bad things happening around her. Margot responded to her challenge by not talking to people

  • Frank Wilson Accomplishments

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    Who exactly is Frank J. Wilson? No one really knows any information about him besides his career accomplishments. These accomplishments are what make him an index worthy historical figure. So what do we know about Wilson? He was born on May 19, 1887 in Buffalo, New York. No other information is known about Wilson’s early life. It is known that during World War I, he served in the United States Army until he was discharged for his impaired vision in 1919. Wilson was appointed chief New York State

  • Anne Frank Quotes

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    good at heart.” Anne grew up in one of the most harrowing times in history. Anne Frank was an inspiring human being. Anne has delivered multiple quotes, these quotes could be titled as brave, whimsical, or indifferent. Nevertheless, by far these are some of the most inspiring words that I have ever heard. In this essay, I will going to explain to you how Anne lived out her words. When Anne was just a young girl, the Frank family was forced into hiding for all that they believed due to the cruelty

  • Frank Coming Home

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    A young girl Anne Frank and her family have just decided to leave their home and go into hiding from the Nazi regime. They start their journey by going to a woman named Miep’s shop, ten days before the planned departure. They have to wear many layers of clothes on their body’s to avoid being suspicious with a large amount of luggage. When the Frank’s arrive at Miep’s shop, she is there waiting for them and quickly takes them to the secret annex. She locks them in, using a bookshelf as a way to hide

  • Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Ever since I was in elementary school and read The Diary of Anne Frank. I was fascinated with the idea of writing all life’s daily encounters in a diary. I was intrigued with the way she wrote her life in her diary, which she decided to call “Kitty” This was the first time that I was so invested into a book. I believe it could’ve been that we were so close in age when she wrote in her diary. While I read this book, I thought numerous times, how I could do the same with my life. Surely, I did not