Anne Frank Response To Conflict

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As humans, we often make our own conflicts and struggles. Because of this, there will always be a battle between us, both external and internal. Our response to conflict allows us to come back and survive these battles, but one response always seems to work in one way or another. From a small diary of a young girl, a collection of encouraging letters, and an empowering speech that echoed around the globe, the best response to conflict is a positive attitude that can get people through hard times and influence you to work harder to help.
Anne Frank is an interesting character. She was only thirteen when she and her family were forced into hiding to escape Nazi occupation. However, Anne was a positive thinker, and was able to live without the fear of most people because of it. Anne’s positive attitude helped her to cope and survive is happiness. She writes in her diary, “You no doubt want to hear what I think of being in hiding. Well, all I can say is that I don't really know yet. I don't think I'll ever feel at home in this house, but that doesn't mean I hate it. It's more like being on vacation in some strange pension” (StudySync). Even though Anne knows she is supposed to hate the place she is at, she still manages to compare it with something happy. This attribution helps her see past the sad and dark
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However, a positive attitude doesn't always solve the conflict. Anne Frank was still caught by the Nazis, Churchill’s speech didn’t end the war, and the letters to a friend didn’t take the people out of the camp; but a positive attitude made the conflict seem to drift away. Positive attitudes allow people to come up with effective solutions, but they still, in a way, respond to conflict and help stop it. A positive attitude and a forward mindset will pave the way for other solutions, and end the
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