Was Dr. Martin Luther King Or Overrated?

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Dr. King thrived to achieve legal equality for African-Americans in the United States (archive). Everyone has their personal opinion of what he stood for, but is it based on factual evidence? Simmons, a Feminist from Kings era, felt that Dr. King didn’t accomplish anything different from what the people before him did, yet he received all the credit for everything. Perhaps Dr. King’s success was overrated. Many scholars believe that he was diligent and very deserving of all the titles he obtained. It’s significant because to claim that Dr. Kings success was “overrated” is discrediting him and his contributions. In this paper, I will explain why he deserved all the recognition he received and how his determination for equal opportunities led …show more content…

The Birmingham Campaign was created to try end discrimination based on race everywhere in Alabama. Protestors did everything they could to try and get arrested so the jails would become crowded and police officers had no choice but to let protesters go. The protest sometimes got violent because of the methods the police used to try and get the crowd under control. Eventually law enforcement gave in causing protestors to win, which lead to discrimination in public places to be banned (Godwin 27). As you can see he succeeded in some and failed in others. No matter what he never gave up and kept fighting for what he believed in. The March on Washington was very important, it was the day Dr. King gave his “I Have a Dream Speech.” The march was to create equal opportunity rights at jobs for every race. Later Dr. King spoke on the topic of having the freedom to go and do anything one desires no matter your race. In his speech, Dr. King brought up good points, one being that even though society believed that African Americans were free, they were not because of segregation everywhere (Godwin 28). Many great things came from this famous speech, and eventually almost all his dreams have become

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