Was Japanese Atomic Bombing Justified

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The Atomic bombing in Japan, WWII

The atomic bomb that was dropped by America and the USA had many Valid Reasons for used on Japan in World War Two, 1945. The USA Americans had the help of many scientist known as Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi and Richard Feynman. Many research was put against the first atomic bomb that took up to 7 years to conduct, starting from 1938-1945. The USA Americans dropped the first atomic bomb called 'Little Boy' on the city of Japan known to be Hiroshima on August the 6th 1945. Knowing the first bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, three days later on the 9th of August 1945, the USA Americans dropped the second bomb called 'Fat Man' and was dropped on Nagasaki. The two atomic Bombs being dropped on the city of Japan both had positive reasons for their action as it ended the war. Both bombs being dropped was definitely justified as many more casualties would have resulted if the bombs weren't dropped and the war continued. Lastly The two atomic bombs were needed as it was kind of a warning to Japan that the USA Americans wouldn't give up, and to show the world that Atomic weapons has been introduced.

The use of Atomic Bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima was Completely Justified as it ended World War II and pushed the Japanese to …show more content…

Their main target was to win for their country and pushed Japan to its limits until they surrendered. President Truman would have invaded Japan with his troops if the atomic bomb wasn't used. This means that many more American and Japanese lives would have been losted during the invasion if the atomic bomb wasn't involved. One historian that supported the atomic bomb said "so they would have fought until there was no more Japan". This means that the Japan would have kept on fighting until they were down to the last man, but instead the war ended meaning some Japanese soldiers live's were

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