Was Jfk Assassination Justified

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Most Americans of a certain age remember exactly where they were when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. It was a moment of overwhelming tragedy for our country. JFK, as he is now called, was on his way to the Dallas airport, and was in a parade with his wife, and the Governor of Texas. America witnessed their president 's death while his wife sat beside him. He was the youngest and one of the most loved presidents and America loved not just him, but his young family, too.(Freidel) Although, the Assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, justified in his own mind the reason for the murder of a popular president, most if not all Americans felt that it was a cruel and senseless act. President Kennedy accomplished great things, and remodeled…show more content…
Oswald 's aunt said “Oswald actually did like John F. Kennedy” (The JFKAssassination.com). One theory of why Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy was because, President Kennedy imposed the embargo against Cuba and faced down Nikita Kruschev during the Cuban Missile Crisis. At one point while Lee Harvey Oswald was in the marines he actually defected to the Soviet Union. In Oswald 's disturbed mind JFK could have become a demonic figure to be despised and exterminated due to his anti-Cuban and anti-Soviet stance.(Psychology today) Lee Harvey Oswald did not state why he shot John F. Kennedy, but many people have theories of why he was assassinated but nobody knows the truth, and we probably never…show more content…
In conclusion, most people overwhelmingly believe JFK’S assassination was unjustified. John F. Kennedy brought positive change to America. JFK was a very popular president, and was loved and admired by many. Examples of him bringing change to America include significant foreign policy contributions such as creating the peace corps and successfully leading the United States through the Cuban Missile Crisis in addition to passing the civil rights bill. (Ask.com) His death will always have some mystery to it. The assassination of JFK created many conspiracy theories and some questions will remain unanswered. One fact remains though, the murder of a popular american president in the prime of his life was a tragedy for his family, as well as for the whole

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