A Common Conspiracy Theories Of JFK Assassination

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Jayden Sweet
Dr. Sue Henshon
ENC 1101
19 October 2017 One of the strangest events to ever happen in U.S.A history is the president John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassination. JFK was assassination November 22 1963 in Dallas, Texas while riding in an open roof motorcade. Lee Harvey Oswald was the man who shot and killed the president, Lee was a former US Marine and most likely had ties to the USSR. Lee defected to the USSR in 1959 and didn’t return till 1962. Two days after Lee was arrested for the shooting he was shot and killed while being escorted to prison by a night club owner named Jack Ruby. The FBI never had the chance to do any real interrogations to Lee before he was killed, Jack Ruby died of cancer during his trial as well. The motives …show more content…

Lee was an US marine who worked on secret radars in Japan when he was in service. After he was discharged from the marines he defected to the USSR and stayed there for three years. It is widely believed that Lee was a communist and that is the reason for him defecting to the USSR. Many believe the KGB (CIA version for the USSR) came into contact with him when he arrived (Dillion). While the KGB did not recruit Lee to be a spy it seems like they met and help spread anti-us sentiment into Lee. While Lee was defected the famous bay of pig’s incident happen. This is the closest the USA and the USSR have been to nuclear war and it would make sense for the KGB want to get rid of a leader who almost launched missiles at them for a president who was lenient towards them (O’Connor). When Kennedy made plans to be in Dallas in the late part of 1963 Oswald defected back to the USA. When he returned he bought a sniper rifle and a few months later he shot and killed president Kennedy. This seems just too much of a coincidence for many people. Once Lee was in custody the KGB most likely were really scared that Lee would talk and put the blame on them. So they ordered Jack Ruby to kill Lee before he went to trial. Many think Ruby was a KGB agent and killed Lee to remove all blame from the USSR. When the Warren commission did their investigation there’s …show more content…

Many people have a hard time understanding that bad things just happen no matter what and there is no grand conspiracy and the Warren commission is right even if its improbable. While many others believe that there is way too many coincidences for the Warren commission to be telling the truth. While many questions surrounding the assassination are still unanswered to this day there’s a good chance they might get answered very soon, the classified investigation will become unclassified on October 27 2017. This may finally help prove or debunk all the theory’s that are out there

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