Watching Too Much TV

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1.0 Part A.
Recent research shows that,...‘Watching too much TV is one of the major sociological issues of this century, which has many effects on the physiology and psychology of people.’
1.1 Introduction.
Nowadays, watching TV is one of the most common activity that every adults and children do during their leisure time at home. Everyone likes watching TV as it is convenient, inexpensive, available and interesting. TV has a lot of entertainments like cartoons, movies, sports and many more .Then, at the same time, it can also teach us many things. Programmes like National Geography, Animal Planet and many more are some of the infotainment programmes that people like to watch at home. People can sit for hours watching TV without doing other
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Farnsworth in 1927 to prove that it was possible to transmit an electrical image. Then later on, TV has been upgraded in order to give people entertainment, education, information and many more. Since then, everyone really enjoy watching TV. Unfortunately, due to watching too much TV, there are a few physiological and psychological effects on people. The definition of these two words will be given in order to make it clear of what is the focus in this essay. According to Vocabulary (2015) physiological is related to the biological study of physiology. In other words, it refers to the study of the human body system towards something. Whereas Cambridge Dictionaries Online (2015) defines psychology as the scientific of the way human mind works and how it influences behaviour. That means, it is a study of how the human think which influences his or her behaviour. Whereas, the definition of effect given by the Cambridge Dictionaries Online (2015) defined it as the result of particular influence. Meaning to say it is the outcome of the influences to the…show more content…
It is not an eye disease. MedicineNet (2015) stated that it occurs when the eyes get tired from intense use and it can be annoying. This can happen when the people watch too much TV or anything for a long time. Then, Sorensen (2014) stated that eyestrain often thought of as something temporary because when people rest their eyes, everything will be back to normal. On the other hand, in the long term, eyestrain may lead to nearsightedness or glaucoma. Sorensen (2014) reveals a study conducted by the Lighting Research Center has found that eyestrain can be reduced while watching TV by lighting the area around the TV. The result of the study also found that this lighting also ended in less visual discomfort, fatigue and a quicker response in brain waves from visual cues. Therefore people should keep in mind about this when they are watching TV. The TV must be at least 5 meter away from the eye. There must be light in the room and the TV must be the same height with our eyes. Then another physiological effect due to too much watching TV is obesity, which will happen to the people who are eating snacks while watching TV .Snacks like crackers, ice-creams and pop corn are some common snacks that they will tend to take while watching TV because it is their habit. They will become obese because as the Healthdirect (2013)
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