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Watchmen seems to be one of the most popular and classic superhero comic books of all time and well known for its end pages in the form of newspaper articles, books or classified documents. This paper will consider the case of confidential files about Rorschach’s childhood in the end of the sixth chapter “The abyss gazes also”. I will attempt to prove that they are important to that chapter and to Watchmen as a whole to make comic book look similar to the real world by focusing on Rorschach and his past, by involving readers in the story, and finally by using realistic artwork. First thing to mention is that the sixth chapter does not contain any information about other characters of Watchmen such as the Nite Owl or the Silk Spectre, but only Rorschach. Correspondingly, the pages in the end were dedicated to him and his early history. As the end page creators chose documents from Police Department and Psychiatric Hospital, his drawings he made at the age of thirteen since they illustrated Rorschach’s tough childhood properly in a sense that the readers would feel sorry for him as if he was a real person. This kind of use of the end pages make readers accept comic book world seriously. Secondly, including real cities, real events or real people plays with the readers’ perception of the whole comic book. For example, the files given about …show more content…

However, it would not be so eye-catching without its end pages that serve to make the comic book even more realistic. The chapter called “The abyss gazes also” is very dark and it lays special emphasis on Rorschach in order to show that he is an ordinary human being with a difficult past. Also, the way end pages use a lot of information readers are familiar with and the style in which end pages are presented to readers bear an underlying goal to bring comic book world closer to our

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