Luck Cycles In David Dali's Things Fall Apart

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Dali was also about to commence his luck cycle of壬申 Water Monkey in 1932. By coincidence, the year pillar for 1932 was also 壬申 Water Monkey The year pillars in 1932 of 壬申 Water Monkey were exactly the same as his luck cycle. When the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branches were similar, it was known as a Fu Yin 伏吟relationship. The situation might be illustrated as follows:- 壬申 Water Monkey (luck cycle) +壬申 Water Monkey (1932 year) = exact match Heavenly Stem of 壬 Ren water (luck cycle) + 壬 Ren water (1932 year) = exact match Earthly Branch of 申Monkey (luck cycle) +申Monkey (1932 year) = exact match Heavenly Stems + Earthly Branches = exact match = Fu Yin 伏吟 formation It has been said that whenever there was a Fu Yin 伏吟 formation, it indicated …show more content…

But his expulsion could not detract from his growing fame. Instead, he was now free to become his own man. Why did he need metal and water? Dali went through the metal luck cycles of申Monkey, 酉 Rooster and 戌 Dog from the ages of 28 until 57. This period covered most of his adult working years. This covered most of his adult working years. There was water in the Heavenly Stems above the申 Monkey and酉 Rooster luck cycles. The water was the resource star to his 乙Yi wood day master. When he reached the age of 48, he began his luck cycle of戌 Dog. The 戌 Dog clashed with the two 辰 Dragons in his chart, especially the辰 Dragon hour which represented old age. But the Heavenly Stem during the 戌 Dog luck cycle was甲Jia Wood. This wood was badly needed to loosen the thick and heavy earth in both the戌 Dog and the辰 Dragons, His 乙Yi wood day master also found the甲Jia Wood useful to cling to and climb on to reach the sunlight. Therefore, the luck cycle of 甲戌 Wood Dog was not entirely unfavourable for him. After that, he went through the water luck cycles of亥 Pig, Rat and丑 Ox. He had once again encountered the water element that he needed. But if there was too much water in the 子 Rat luck cycle, it would have caused his wood to

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