Greed In The Good Earth

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Throughout The Good Earth we come across many tough conflicts both internally and externally, but even so, many of them we can relate to. Wang Lung, O-Lan, Lotus, Ching, and the rest of Wang Lung’s family all must deal with conflicts between each other, with nature, and within themselves. But they aren’t so different from us and we find ourselves in many of the same situations that our beloved characters do. Wang Lung deals with guilt and greed throughout the novel and it is something that most people can relate to in the entirety of their life.
“Then slowly she thrust her wet wrinkled hand into her bosom and she drew forth the small package and she gave it to him and watched him as he unwrapped it; and the pearls lay in his hand and they …show more content…

In The Good Earth Wang Lung creates many problems and conflicts as he is filled with greed. "When day came back he was back upon his land, walking through the gate in the wall about the town as soon as it was open after dawn came. And he smelled the fresh smell of the fields and when he came to his own land he rejoiced in it." Fortunately, Wang Lung breaks free from this trance through tough labor on his field which reminds him of his youth and when he was a hardworking and honest young man. But as Wang Lung frees himself he looks back on many of the problems he has created and feels guilty for them. In chapter 25 we learn about how O-Lan has a disease that will soon kill her. However, there is no treatment unless Wang Lung pays 5000 pence which he could only afford if he sold his land. O-Lan refuses to let him do this so she slowly begins die, but Wang Lung for the first in a very long time begins to worry and care about her. It is unfortunate that Wang Lung doesn’t realize how without O-Lan he would be no where, and as Wang Lung sits by her side he feels responsible for not caring about her. Eventually, O-Lan dies and Wang Lung realizes how helpful and loyal she was. But guilt is a powerful thing and without realizing Wang Lung brought all of it upon

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