Salvador Dali's Old Age, Adolescence Infancy (The Three Ages?

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In the museum of Salvador Dali over at St. Petersburg, Florida, there were several artworks that caught my attention because Dali’s artwork is genuine in many ways. Although I was impressed by all the artworks, there was a particular one that interested me completely. The artwork is the painting titled “Old age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages)”. This is a 1940, oil on canvas painting with dimensions 19 5/8 in x 25 5/8 in. The subject matter in this work is the three phases of life. The painting depicts what seems to be a panoramic view from afar but looking closely each aperture and objects make up the impressions of faces. From the left side there seems to be an aperture looking over a big cliff with branches of trees. This cliff and branches make up the face of an old person. The rock exposures within the cliff form the illusions of wrinkles, wrinkly lips and a long and untreated mustache. The branches give the effect of baldness, contributing to the overall appearance of an old man’s face. Over in the middle of the painting, there is a more pronounced aperture looking over a waterway and rocks. The outline of the aperture makes up the shape of the face, the woman sitting down looking over the other way forms the mouth and nose of the face and the rocks at the distance form the eyes. All these objects clearly form the face of adolescence. Over on the right side there is a smaller aperture looking over the shore and what seems to be a woman on her knees. The figure of

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