Childe Hassam's Northeastern Gorge At Appledore

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Childe Hassam created a beautiful piece titled Northeastern Gorge At Appledore. The painting is created using oil on canvas and it was created in 1912. The painting was purchased by the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art where it is displayed in a large frame. The artist combined the subject of her piece and the form to create meaning. Hassam used visual elements of form such as line, color, and texture and principles of organization such as repetition and focal point to support his work. The subject of the painting is a depiction of a mountain landscape. Near the bottom of the picture plane in the foreground there’s a canal through the mountain side. If you look closely you can see someone in the water climbing up the rock. The overall theme of the piece seems to be very peaceful and exciting. Hassam uses a few visual elements of form to support his painting. He uses actual line to define shapes such as the side of the mountain. He indicates depth by causing the area that is …show more content…

Hassam uses a regular pattern of repetition brush strokes. The brush strokes are dominant and, therefore, create rhymed movement throughout the piece. The artist also has emphasis on a focal point. This focal point is the person in the foreground trying to climb up out of the water. When viewing this image in person, my eye immediately went to the subject. The individual pops out because it seems to be the brightest subject in the piece. It is framed by darker areas around it such as the dark part of the rocks and the deep blue water. To conclude, the artist used elements of subject and form to create a meaning that I believe is interpreted by the viewers. This piece Northeastern Gorge At Appledore by Hassam caused me to feel free and want to explore nature and surroundings for myself. It successfully used color that made me think of wanting to find a place to swim in a gorge for

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