Indian Chief Pontiac Essay

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The Greatest of a Man in an Oil Painting Great people is the inspiration of painters, musicians, historians and many other people, which interested in their life, express their admiration by painting or writing about them. In the Pontiac City Hall there is a painting which reflects the greatest of a man. In painting “Indian Chief Pontiac” Jerry Farnsworth expresses with a wonderful environment the greatest of Pontiac. The painter, with a variety of colors, offers to his audience tones of yellow, green, brown, blue, white and gray. In the background of the painting, Farnsworth gives the audience a wonderful valley which surrounds the figure of Pontiac. The mountains reflect the greatest of the valley which are followed by a river in front of …show more content…

The audience can appreciate the wonderful valley as a beautiful background which reflects the main point of the picture – Pontiac’s figure. The painter manifests the life of the valley with a green tones on the trees, blue colors on the river, yellow tints on the grass, and the gray and white tones of the sky. In parts of the valley, people appreciate the combination of colors as if the valley was alive. Farnsworth shows a wonderful and distinct environment with the combinations of browns and greens in the valley. People can walk through the painting by following the direction of the painter, with dark colors at the bottom to finally arrive with white and gray tones on the sky. In front, people can follow the direction of the river with combination of blue tones and white. Near of the river, people appreciate the mixture of yellows form the grass and the greens of the trees which project the importance of Pontiac as a protector of the valley. The artist represents the movement of the grass with tones of yellows and browns. On the top of the paint, people see the variance of white and gray on the sky as if the painter permits the audience to think about the manner in which Pontiac died. Farnsworth presents, in the painting of Pontiac, the movement with a variance of colors and tones which help the audience to follow the direction and gives texture to the valley which contrast with the Pontiac’s

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