Summary Of Joseph Griffith's The Surrender

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Joseph Griffith has created quite a strange painting if you only focus on the surface. When you only look at the surface of The Surrender painting you may think to yourself, “How in the world does any of this go together?” It may be a little confusing at first to try to link Robocop, Waldo and George Washington riding a giant triceratops together when you just focus on the surface material. However, this painting has a deeper meaning. Joseph Griffith is trying to make a statement through his painting The Surrender by linking all of these random components together with a hidden meaning. Griffith is trying to portray the warped way Americans think in a comical sense. He portrays all of the heroes as characters from all kinds of movies and television shows. This picture represents the idolization that Americans have created toward the invention of the television. Americans have grown to revolve around technology and entertainment so much that it has worked its way into everyday life. The average American cannot spend a day without using one piece of …show more content…

They only broadcasted the many terrorist attacks and plastered ISIS all over the news channels in the country. That has given us a warped opinion of them. In the painting, Griffith depicts the surrendering side as the “bad people” from the Middle East. They have been labeled as the “bad people” because of television, which is representing the side that is still fighting. Is the “good” side (television) really good? How is this messed up system doing any good for our country? Do we really think that all people from the Middle Eastern region are “bad?” In conclusion, The Surrender by Robert Griffith is a comical depiction of how U.S. television has changed the way that we view others. He is trying to state that Americans’ way of thinking is, “if you 're not with us, you 're against

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