Manifest Destiny: Pioneer Women, Native Americans, And The Cowboys

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Manifest Destiny involved many groups of people, but six of the main categories are the mountain men, travellers on the Oregon Trail, pioneer women, cowboys, Native Americans, and the Miners, also known as the 49ers. The mountain men were men who lived in the Rocky Mountains, and made livings as trappers who sold goods such as beavers pelts to people back East and Europe. There were over 350,000 people on the trail, and most of which were families with children. This took place mainly in the 1840s and 1860s. A subgroup of the Oregon travellers were the Pioneer women. They had to move along with the long distances each day, and at the same time cook, clean, and take care of children. To add to the struggle, one in five of these women were pregnant. Another group of settlers was the cowboys, who actually weren’t all that different from the modern stereotype. The cowboys would herd cattle, which was dangerous due to how the cows could end up in stampedes, and that Native Americans would attack. However, they made a lot of money, which offered a new life. The Native Americans were repressed socially, economically, religiously, and physically throughout Manifest Destiny. Because the Natives were in the way of what the United States wanted, they would ploy through their lands and ended up moving Natives the reservations on the Trail of Tears. Contrary to the Native Americans, the Miners saw Manifest Destiny as an opportunity to strike it rich. When gold was struck in

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