Waverly In Amy Tan's The Rules Of The Game

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In Amy Tan’s short story, “The Rules of The Game,” Lindo is a definite ally to Waverly, although she may have trouble expressing it. For instance, in the beginning of the story, Waverly goes to her first official chess tournament. As she leaps up from her cold metal seat after being called to play, Lindo gives her a good luck charm. The author writes, “My mother unwrapped something in her lap. It was her chang, a small tablet of red jade which held the sun’s fire. ‘Is luck,’ she whispered” (96). This shows that Lindo really cares for Waverly and wants only the best for her. A bit later in the story, we see that Lindo is really having trouble expressing this desire for Waverly. After some of Waverly’s matches, Lindo tells her to “win more [pieces],

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