Were The American Colonists Justified Dbq Essay

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Many Americans and British have different opinions on what went on and who was right in the American Revolution. Americans thought they were right and so did the British. The American Revolution went on from 1775 to 1783. The very first battle, Lexington and Concord, was “a shot heard around the world.” Coming back to our opinions, were the American colonists justified to break off of Britain? The American colonists were justified by taxation, no representation, and the lack of land they owned. I believe the American colonists were justified in breaking away from England because of taxation. “There is another late act of Parliament, which appears to me to unconstitutional…” (Document B). Parliament’s acts of taxation and the different acts was “unconstitutional” which means the colonists were angry. “The Quartering Act forced colonists to …show more content…

“... which she prohibits us to manufacture - and the tragedy of American liberty was finished” (Document B). He is saying they have no representation so they don’t have any word, so all they can do is fight back. “I have looked over every statue(law) relating to these colonies… and I find every one of them founded on this principle, till Stamp Act administrated” (Document B). He has looked at all the laws and he thinks that they are allowed to have representation. Americans don’t agree with no representation, so all they can do is fight. Colonists were justified by the lack of land they owned. “The law stated that colonists could not move westward over the Appalachian Mountains” (Document A). They only owned the east of the Appalachian Mountains, which is very little land. “Those settlers who were already living there were to return to the east” (Document A). Settlers had to leave there house and build a new life because Britain gave the land to the Native Americans to resolve conflict. Colonists did not own much land, so they were all crammed and upset with the lack of

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