Were The American Colonists Justified Essay

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Normal civilians forced to house soldiers in their homes, a state where you are constantly being taxed without representation, and only being thought of as a revenue stream for the crown. All of the things previously mentioned sound quite a lot like a totalitarian state and one anyone would revolt in. This helps to create the narrative in which the American colonists lived in, the times were very hard for the colonist because of the British oppression going on within the colonies. So yes, the American colonists were justified in declaring their independence due to the acts the British government put in place to oppress them. The American colonies under British rule had plenty of right to revolt due to harsh and harmful British law. For example, the quartering act of 1774, this act forced the colonists to house, feed, and take care of British troops. This act in essence turned the colonist to slaves within their own houses forcing them to take …show more content…

The Townshend duties where a series of duties imposed upon the colonists which taxed the importation of glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea imported into the colonies. Furthermore, all of the things that the Townshend act put a tax on where basic needs for life in the colonies and with the tax on paper even college and death were to now have taxes on them. With this in mind you can see the dangerous mind set implemented by the British; the British saw the colonist as nothing more than an income stream, a place where revenue was generated for the use of the crown. This ideology is extremely dangerous for a government to have for it makes the people nothing more than money to be taxed and takes away all humanity involved in governing. Not only that, but the citizens were not even allowed to vote on there taxes sparking the no taxation without representation

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