What Are Chris Cornell's Accomplishments

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Chris Cornell is an outstanding music artist who has played in multiple bands and has had many great accomplishments over the course of his (still continuing) career. He has a uniquely astounding, multi-octave, grating rock voice that has carried his career and gained him a lot of notice in the world of rock music. His solo performances on acoustic guitar are also very impressive. He started his career as a teenager growing up in Seattle, Washington playing in a local cover band and has been gaining popularity ever since. By taking his own approach to music, he has created something relatively unique and made a big name for himself. The only influence he claims is Artis “Spoonman”, a Seattle street performer who in his eyes had the ability …show more content…

It was a hit and was nominated for a Grammy two years later. Though they did not win an award that time around, they did get their first win in 1994 at the MTV Music Video Awards, earning the Best Rock Video Award for their song Black Hole Sun . Aside from the songs massive popularity to this day, Cornell later confessed that he had never even been sure that the song was right for Soundgarden because of its’ “surreal” and “esoteric” lyrics . Soundgarden also won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for their song Spoonman on March 1, 1995 . Cornell along with the other members of Soundgarden were key to the spark of the grunge movement. Cornell went on to do a lot of solo acoustic work as well as sing with two more multi-platinum bands, Temple of the Dog and Audioslave …show more content…

They began producing music under the name Audioslave . Their music is very popular to date and is often played on radio stations along with the other two bands he sang in. The songs Like a Stone, I am the Highway, and Doesn’t Remind Me can often be heard. This band got Grammy nominations yet again, but no awards. . Chris Cornell left the band in 2006 due to “irreconcilable differences” . He more recently did another big collaboration with Timbaland in 2009. This was definitely a very far stretch from any kind of music Cornell had played before. It had a big emphasis on electronics, removing it from the rock scene and gaining a lot of criticism from Chris Cornell fans

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