What Are Samuel Adams Contributions To The American Revolution

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Samuel Adams was a founding father of America, a revolutionary leader and a political leader who played an important part in the American Revolution. He rose to prominence during the time of the Stamp Act as he played a significance role in the organization of the Sons of Liberty movement which eventually led to the repeal of the Act (Metraux, 2010). The society will also remember him for the numerous unmarked articles he wrote about the civil liberties. One of his most notable writings was his masters’ degree speech which discussed rebelling against the unjust government. Written before the revolutionary movement, this article was an important piece in the fight for the independence of America. His popularity enabled him to reach a wider audience, and he was a significant influence in the war. Through his courage and stubbornness to injustices committed by the British crown, Adams became a great influence on other leaders and the people as a whole.
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I believe that it was through his leadership skills and ideas that helped free the colonists from the Britain. Even John Adams acknowledged the importance of Samuel Adams in the American Revolution. He once wrote that; without the characters of Samuel Adams, the true history of American Revolution would have never been written. The three events that Samuel pioneered, that is; the repeal of the stamp act, the tea party and the declaration of independence are still very relevant today. These events paved the way to the formation of the nation of the United States of America(Alexander, 2011). His courage during these developments is nothing but acts to be admired and emulated by not only leaders but the everyday

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