What Are The Causes Of The Black Sox Scandal

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The Black Sox Scandal
Have you ever thought about baseballs pastime? People associate baseball with teams like the Yankees or the Red Sox or teams that have played the game fair. There is a team known as the Black Sox (White Sox) that threw the World Series for money. There were events that caused it, stuff that happened during the game, and consequences that were placed on the players. The Slack Sox scandal was a World Series thrown by several White Sox players.
The black sox scandal was caused by first of all poor working conditions. These working conditions included low pays, players do their own laundry, and players were promised stuff but these promises were never kept. Players were extremely underpaid. The great Joe Jackson, one of the greatest players to play the game, one made six thousand …show more content…

The anticipation of this series was so great that the baseball commission made it the best of nine instead or the best or seven, so the fans will get more of the action. Before the first game pitcher Eddie Cicotte found ten thousand of the one hundred thousand he was supposed to share with the other eight players. After this Chicago lost the first game 9-1. After that Chicago lost the second game 4-2. When he only received another ten thousand the players began to get angry and have second thoughts about the whole throwing the series in the first place. Chicago had won the next couple of games and lost some as well. During game eight gambler Arnold Rothstein was worried about his investment as he had betted that Cincinnati would win the whole thing. So to protect this he sent his hitch men to go talk to pitcher Lefty Williams. They told him to throw the game. They wanted that series to end that night. To make him do it they had threatened to kill him and his wife if he didn’t do what they said. So he did what they said and threw the game and Cincinnati won the

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