What Are The Ethical Issues In The Movie Set It Off

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Set It Off, directed by F Gary Gray, is an action and thriller film that was produced in 1996. The film is based on African American women struggling during an economic crisis. It stars four women as bank robbers; Queen Latifah as Cleo, Jada Pinkett as Stony, Vivica A. Fox as Frankie, Kimberly Elise as Tisean. During this film, there is a lot of killing and crimes being committed. Cleo is a lesbian with a girlfriend that is having a difficult time providing for her son. She works as a janitor with Tisean, who is also a single mother. Frankie was once a bank teller, but she was terminated because she knew the perpetrator that attempted to rob her job. Stony needs assistance paying for her nephews tuition at UCLA to get him out of his living …show more content…

(p. 34)” Set It Off, showed that gangsters didn’t have to be the “man of the city”. Women were also criminals and bosses of their own. Just like all criminals, these women were tense during their first robbery, but that changes quickly when they remembered the reasons why they were in that situation. In one sense, in the movie, they all sat around a conference table and acted as if they were mobsters in the movie “The Godfather”. This shows how these women felt about who they were becoming. The fast money was too addicting to stop. Just like the gangsters in “The Godfather” these ladies developed a strong

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