What Are The Factors That Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement emerged in 1954, and the struggle to end segregation and discrimination began. There were many boycotts, sit ins, and protests aimed at destroying these Jim Crow laws and fighting for equality. During this time, white police officers were rarely prosecuted for killing African Americans. A significant incident that revealed the violent encounters between the police and the black community was the Birmingham Campaign in 1963. The commands of police commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor gained national attention when he sprayed peaceful demonstrators with powerful fire hose and unleashed police dogs on them. Among the victims of this racial violence were schoolchildren, who were broadcasted on national TV being attacked by dogs and …show more content…

However, this brought about outrage in the white community, and led to even more acts of violence against blacks, assassinations of Black leaders, and economic inequality. (Sheppard)(Hohle) The rise of the Black Panther Party, a Black militant political group, introduced an entirely new paradigm to the strained relations between black Americans and police officers. They began spreading violent rhetoric and attacking the police back. There would be a long, violent fight for equality between the Black community, white militants, and the police. (Delli Carpini)
The Civil Rights movement forever changed the dynamic of American people, but with this movement came the need for a new way to systematically oppress Black people and still maintain the façade of freedom and equality. This “new” form of racism is said to be more subtle as we move further away from Jim Crow and overt signs of racism. These attitudes and beliefs are not expressed as violently and openly as they were during the Jim Crow or Civil Rights Eras, but they are subtly hiding in racial policies. (Carter) In 1982, President Ronald Reagan launched the “War on Drugs” campaign to combat illegal drug use. The African

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