The 1960-70's: The Civil Rights Movement

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The 1960-70’s was the height of the Civil Rights Movement. African Americans were dedicated to gaining liberties which only whites could exercise freely, and did this was done through peaceful as well as violent means of protest. Individuals such as Martin Luther King protested by means of preaching peace and utilizing nonviolent actions against whites while others such as Malcolm x and elijah muhammad resorted to not only violence, yet separatism to protest and show their urge to gain civil Liberties. Though, both methods of protest were aimed towards the same goal, only one was to be influential and bring about the change that African Americans desire. Right after President Kennedy had come into office, “African Americans showed confidence that the new administration would take a more active role in aiding the civil …show more content…

This was seen through events such as the urban riot in waltz, california, the rise of black power which led to the death of Malcolm X. When it came down to the urban riots, it shook the nation from A to Z because of how violent the riot was. It went on for thirty six hours and left over 45 million in only property destroyed, though this was viewed internationally, no serious government action was taken, the closest to executive action taken was only to calm things down in california and repair all damages. In the case of the rise of black power, black muslims also known as the nation of islam “founded by Elijah Muhammad in the 1930’s” preached black superiority and separatism from an evil white world. (Berkin, 761) Once the Organizations most famed individuals Malcolm x went for a pilgrimage and returned he left the organization. Malcolm X said he left because it was evident that in order to receive rights, contact with whites was needed, his house was later firebombed and he was later shot and killed and yet again no governmental action was

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