How Did The Cold War Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement began during World War II as a fight for African Americans to earn their full rights, fight against segregation, and discrimination. When people hear the phrase " Civil Rights Movement", they automatically think of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Junior only, but this movement has true history behind it. The 1950s pose a lot of different obstacles for blacks fighting for their rights that had already been granted for non-blacks. World War II had a major impact with the start of the Civil Rights Movement. The war allowed African-Americans to become visually aware of rights granted to blacks overseas. Blacks started the efforts of protesting equal rights by advocating for the right to vote, challenging the Jim Crow laws and so forth. As far as World War II the Cold War also had an impact on the Civil Rights Movement as well. The fight for democracy and …show more content…

This last phrase "the personal is political" was derived by students or as they were called "hippies", said this slogan to advocate do your own thing. Hippies were all about freedom, sex, and drugs. Hippies are only one of the many organizations that was inspired by the civil rights movement. There was the National Organization for Women (NOW), A women's organization that focused on gender discrimination in the workplace and in public, and how to eliminate it. There was the black power movement which focused on and emphasized black pride and encouraged blacks to have control within the community. To add one more there was the American Indian Movement (AIM), in which they addressed poverty and harassment that was depicted on Indians in the community. All in all, each organization listed and not listed had one main goal, which was to fight for equal rights and justice for the blacks and minorities being treated

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