Malcolm X: The Rise Of The Black Panther Party

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Malcolm X once said “Early in life [he] had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise.” The Black Panther Party lived by this quote. The party rose from the foundations of Malcolm X. The party was much different from other civil rights movements. They went by direct confrontation. The Black Panther party, a very misunderstood but known civil rights party held a strong legacy. They achieved this through their actions such as their famous strategies, their demands from the ten point program, the numerous outreaches in media, their relationship towards authorities, and their effects towards the current generation. The Black Panther formed in 1966 by 6 men, very young at the time who were fed up with the white supremacy …show more content…

These 10 demands were known as their famous ten point program. The Ten point program was established in 1966 by Huey P.Newton and Bobby Seale, the leaders of the Black Panther Party. The first thing they wanted was freedom, they wanted more power on the future of the Black community. This followed by employment for the people which is what they wanted so that there can be a rise in the businessmen of color. The party wished for end of robbery by the capitalist. The party looked at the government as racist people that has robbed Blacks of their worth. Decent housing that is comfortable for the Black community was requested so that their people can remain in the comfort they deserve. The fifth point was the need for education, the type of education that was wanted were the teachings of African American history. The party also wanted all black men to be exempted from military service for these following reasons, they didn’t believe that black people should be forced to fight for a racist government and that it is also unfair to put their life at risk when the government doesn’t protect black people. The biggest point that the party requested was an end to police brutality and murder of black people. The black panthers put a lot of their dedication into police brutality since police officers used their powers against blacks on a daily. Freedom to all black men in prisons and jails because majority of the blacks put into jails had unfair trials and are innocent of their accusations. The next point is the black people to be tried with a jury of their race for the sake of equality and fairness. The last point in the ten point program is the need for land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace. The need for all of these points shows the dedication of the black panther party. The demands that were made by the black

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