Black Lives Matter Argumentative Paper

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Statement of Purpose In light of recent events and social media uproar, the goal of this argumentative paper is to provide a brief but comprehensive understanding to the concept of the black lives matter movement and slogan. The movement is an affirmation of Black people’s contributions to society, humanity, and their resilience in the face of oppression. (“About,” n.d.) As a result, this paper will critically examine the foundation of the movement and the validity of both sides of the argument and the media’s involvement and several other topics. Thesis Statement Through dignity, justice and respect, the black lives matter movement is able to promote unity among all African Americans and all walks of life to break down barriers, demand change and reject …show more content…

Retrieved from Damiani, J. (2016, July 15). Every time you say “all lives matter” you are being an accidental racist. Huffington Post. Retrieved from Day, E. (2015, July 19). #BlackLivesMatter: The birth of a new civil rights movement. The Guardian. Retrieved from Rosenbaum, S. (2016, July 14). What is black lives matter? Retrieved from X, M. (1992). The autobiography of Malcolm X. New York: Random House Publishing Group. Nevertheless, this proposal is submitted to request approval to pursue the black lives matter controversy for the purpose of this argumentative report. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at my email I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely, Zeinab

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