Examples Of The Progressive Era

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The progressive era was moderately effective from achieving social reform and lowering the influence of businesses over the people. An example would be the women's movement in 1800s. The women's suffrage movements were a constant struggle with lot’s of strikes and protests. Finally in 1920 the 19th amendment came to past allowing women to vote federally. Another example would be the passing of building heath codes, and fire safety regulations. Immigrants had come from all over the world and because of the influx of people the standard of living had to decline and accidents began to happen from poor living conditions from properties needed to be built up so quickly. After many protests and time passed codes were than passed in order to protect the people’s …show more content…

A great example of reform in the corporate world is when Teddy Roosevelt used the Sherman Antitrust Act to effectively shut down a trust allowing businesses to become a monopoly. A trust is when one company buys a large about of stock from another company. A monopoly is when they control everything from one good or severus and can raise the price or shut down small businesses because they are able to raise and lower prices drastically with no consequences. One drawback of the progressive era is that certain movements didn’t get to where they needed to be. Like the african american movements, after slavery was abolished africans were still treated as lesser beings, They wanted fairness and to be treated them same with desegregation, but were quickly shut down, making the reform era more moderately effective than highly because everything wasn't achieved that was strived for. Quickly changing times often have major struggles, but can still obtain their objectives. The black lives matter is a movement that wanted to focus on treatment of african americans in an authority

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