Why Is Racial Profiling Unfair

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This problem has costs to the individual and society. Individually, this unfair treatment of minorities promotes psychological and legal problems. It also has many costs to society, such as financial loss. Most of this problem relates to the abuse of racial profiling as a scientific tool. Racial profiling should not even exist as far as I am concerned because it strictly promotes labeling among minorities. Just because someone may look different does not mean that they are up to no good. Racial profiling is used on everyone except white people which automatically makes it unfair. The police have developed this tool in such an unfair way that it completely promotes this problem of unfair treatment. This problem will not get any better until …show more content…

This problem is only going to get worse until we all put our foot down and make a stand to stop this issue. Even if we are not directly involved in this problem it is still going to affect us one way or another. This is our nation and whatever goes on in it is directly our problem. I believe that the attitude toward this problem is becoming more positive because our citizens are finally starting to realize how big of an issue this is becoming. Now that the facts are out in the open and you can tell that there is a big difference in the numbers between minorities and white people it is the criminal justices system to fix this internal problem. If they cant it will be up to the government to crack down and regenerate this fairness and equality among us citizens. Unfair treatment has been going on for long enough in this country, it has taken many different shapes and forms but has been present in one way or another. People are drawn to this country because they believe it is better than wherever they may have came from, but is that really true? It may certainly seem like that, but once you are exposed to what is going on then you may have to rethink. Due to this problem, movements has been present around the country to draw attention to this issue. They are determined to put an end to whatever might cause their mistreatment. “The black lives matter” campaign is a great example of one of these movements that have been impactful by standing up for themselves and calling out the problem. These problems occur across race, ethnicity and gender. Equality and fair treatment should be ethical and consistent among anyone in a position of that

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